Lash Extension Policies & Procedures

Appointment and Cancellation Policy:

Deposit Requirement: A 50% deposit secures your booking.

Cancellation Notice: Kindly notify us 24 hours in advance for cancellations or rescheduling.

Late Cancellation/No-Show Fee/Late Arrival:  Will result in a forfeiture of the 50% deposit.


Arrival Time: Please arrive promptly to ensure the full allocated treatment time.

Late Arrivals: A 5-minute grace period is granted. Exceeding this may lead to rescheduling and deposit forfeiture.

Respecting the Next Client Appointment:

  • We kindling ask for your understanding in the importance of respecting the next client's time slot.
  • Late arrivals impact our ability to uphold the high standards of service we aim to provide.
  • We're committed to making lashes flutter, not our schedule!

Treatment Duration:

Average Duration: A standard lash extension treatment typically takes 2 hours.

No Rush Policy:

Commitment to Quality: Rushing compromises results. We allocate sufficient time for perfection. Remember, we're creating perfect lashes!

Fills and Touch-ups:

Recommended Frequency:

Schedule fill appointments every 2-3 weeks for optimal lash maintenance.


Refer to our pricing guide for details.  Fill prices vary based on the time since your last appointment.

Consultation and Patch Test:

Patch Test: First-time lash extension clients, please schedule a patch test to ensure no allergic reactions to the lash glue.

Day of Appointment Consultation: A consultation on the day of your appointment will be conducted to discuss your preferences and expectations  

Lash Extensions Pre and Aftercare Tips:

Pre-Appointment Tips:Follow pre-appointment tips that will be sent via WhatsApp for optimal results.

Aftercare Tips:Adhere to aftercare instructions sent via WhatsApp to maximize lash benefits.

Client Responsibilities:

Behaviour during Appointments:

Please minimize unnecessary movement and less chatter, more flutter. Sit back and let us work our magic.

Cell phone Usage:

- No answering calls during treatment and phone must be on silent.

- Wear comfortable clothing.

- Consider bringing EarPods for your tunes. This time is your relaxation.


We encourage open communication and your feedback.

Lash Fixes:

Reporting Timeframe: Report any concerns within 72 hours for assessment and potential fixes.

Refund Policy:

We uphold a no-refund policy.

We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all our clients.