• Inform the technician of any medical condition you have proir to your procedure
  • Should you have Botox done, ensure that you are fully healed at least 3 weeks prior to your appointment
  • Avoid facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and other intense products and treatments from 4 weeks prior to your procedure
  • Avoid using Refin A or olher refino derivalives, products confaing Alpha Hydoxy Acids (AHA) or Beta Hydoxy Acids (BHA) and have been off these products at least 72 hours prior to your procedure
  • Avoid Omega Oils. St John's Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 from 1 week prior to your procedure
  • Avoid anti-inflammatories and blood thinners from 72 hours prior to your procedure always consult your doctor before discontinuing prescribed medication
  • This procedure/treatment can only be done 7 days prior to your first dose of the Covid Vaccine, Post vaccine, awaiting period of 7 days is recommended before proceeding with your treatment
  • Come with your airpods/earphones and comfy clothing. we take our time with the procedure
  • Don't undergo Botox or fillers in the forehead, temple, or eye areas sooner than one month before your treatment
  • Don't wax. thread, or fint your brows from one week before your procedure 
  • Don't spend time tanning from one week before your procedure, please avoid the sun ahead of your treatment
  • Don't drink alcohol, take aspirin or ibuprofen for 24 prior to your appointment
  • Consume coffee or any caffeine before your treatment
  • Proceed with the procedure should you have done a Cosmelan peel in the past 4 months and using Cosmelan 2/Hydroquinone products

    A touch up is imperative after 4-6 weeks from your initial appointment. The touch up fills in the gaps where the pigment did not absorb into the skin.



    • Inform your technician of any medical condition you have prior to your treatment
    • Arrive to your appointment makeup free (if possible)
    • Clean your brows with an oil-free cleanser
    • Pop in for a patch test at least 48 hours before your appointment if you have allergies and/or hypersensitive skin
    • Avoid Spray Tans 48 hours before your Brow Lamination treatment Be excited for a brow transformation
    • Don't Wax. Thread or Tweeze your brows 2 weeks before your appointment (tweezing is included in your treatment)
    • Don't use oil based products, creams or any conditioning treatment/serum on your brows 48 hours prior to your appointment
    • Don't use harsh skincare products like Relind and Acne treatment around your brows for 48 hours prior your appointment
    • Don't use mechanical and chemical exfoliants on our brows a week before gelling your brows


    • Pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Not recommended for pregnant women as a safely precaution
    • Using any Vitamin A or Hydrocortisone products
    • (Retinol / E45) - Do not use for 3 days either side of the trealment 
    Not suitable for treatment in the treatment area if the following is present:
    • Psoriasis/Eczema
    • Alopecia
    • Moles
    • Sunburn on or around the brow area
    • Ultra-Sensitive Skin
    • Recent Anti-Wrinkle Injections or Fillers
    Not suitable for treatment in the treatment area if the following is present:
    • Blood thinning, antibiotics. (Must wait 2 weeks)
    • No self-tanning products should be used on the face for one week prior to treatment
    • Cuts/abrasions/inflammation/swelling In or around the brow area
    • Herpes simplex/eye infections/ folliculitis - Not suitable for treatment whilst infected
    • Roaccutane (within the last 12 months)
    • Excessive Allergies
    • Recent scar tissue
    • Trichotillomania
    • Blepharitis

    NB POST TREATMENT: Brows cannot get wet for at least 24 hours post treatment, nor can makeup be worn.



      • Inform your technician of any medical condition you have prior to your treatment 
      • Pop in for an allergy patch test 48 hours before your appointment should you be concerned over an allergic reaction to Henna (patch test only take about two minutes)
      • Arrive to your appointment without Brow Make up (if possible)
      • Brow Growth Serums to be stopped 1 week before your treatment
      • Avoid using Relin A or other Retinol derivatives or products containing Alpah Hydroxy Acids (AHA) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) for 72 hours prior your appointment 
      • Don't wax, thread, tweeze or tint your brows at least 3 weeks before your appointment
      • Don't apply Relin-A, AHA or exfoliate round the eyebrow are for 72 hours before your treatment
      • Don't self-tanning products can only be used on the face 4 days before your treatment
      • Don't use oil based cleansers and make-up products on your
    • If you allergic to hair colorants
    • On compact and very bold brows
    • On very oily skin: the henna doesn't penetrate well on oily skin and will fade quickly
    • Hypersensitive Skin
    • Sensitive Eyes 
    • Alopeci
    • Diabetes
    • Conjunctivitis
    • Glaucoma
    • Eczema /Psoriasis
    • Accutane
    • Blood thinners
    • Sunburn
    • Cancer



    Please refrain from using Accutane for a full 12 months before your scheduled treatment.
    A week before your Dermaplaning session, steer clear of shaving. peels. waxing. or aggressive exfoliations.
    Avoid Retin-A, relinols. glycolic acids, or any similar products. as well as peels, exfoliants, or tanning agents for at least 72 hours before your appointment.
    If you've had Botox or Filler treatments, ensure you're fully healed at least 3 weeks before your Dermaplaning session. For best results, schedule Botox or Filler appointments 14 days after Dermaplaning.
    If you experience cold sores or Herpes outbreaks in the treatment area, consider starting antiviral medication one day prior to your session to prevent any potential complications.
    Avoid direct sun exposure for 5-7 days leading up to your service. Your skin will thank you for this thoughtful precaution.
    If possible, come in without makeup on your skin. It helps our experts assess and treat your skin more effectively.
    Plan for 60 minutes for your Dermaplaning session. This ensures that we can focus on delivering the best results without any rush.

    You will notice immediate improvements in your skin, including a smoother surface, enhanced texture, a radiant complexion and the absence of peach fuzz.

    You'll leave with brighter-looking skin, feeling rejuvenated!


    For your safety and to ensure the best possible outcome, we advise against Dermaplaning if you have any of the following conditions:

      • Active Acne
      • Active infections (such as herpes simplex or flat warts)
      • Open wounds or acne lesions
      • Raised lesions
      • Recent chemical peel procedures
      • Ongoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment
      • Eczema or dermatitis
      • Use of blood thinners
      • Family history of hypertrophic scarring or keloid formation
      • Hemophilia
      • Hormonal therapy causing pigmentation
      • Moles
      • Oral blood thinner medications
      • Pregnancy
      • Recent use of topical agents like glycolic acids, alpha-hydroxy acids, and Retin-A
      • Rosacea
      • Scleroderma
      • Skin cancer
      • Sunburn